Understanding the NDIS - How the NDIS works

The NDIS is available to Australian citizens or permanent residents under 65 years old who have a permanent impairment, need disability-specific support, and have a significantly affected functional capacity.

For more information, visit www.ndis.gov.au

An NDIS Plan is a personalised support plan that outlines the disability-related support and services a participant can receive from NDIS funding. The Plan is developed in consultation with the Participant and is reviewed annually. The Plan determines the funding amount and the types of support and services a Participant can access. The Participant can then choose their preferred providers and manage their funding to achieve their goals and aspirations.
To keep your NDIS budget under control, you should keep track of your spending, ensure you only use qualified providers, negotiate prices and services with providers, plan to avoid rush purchases, and regularly review your Plan to ensure your needs and goals are being met efficiently.
You can modify your NDIS plan if your circumstances change, your goals or needs are unmet, or you require different or more support. You can request a Plan review anytime, and an NDIS Planner will work with you to assess your needs and adjust your plan accordingly. It’s important to regularly review your Plan to ensure it’s meeting your goals and needs.

To choose a new Plan Manager, consider their experience, qualifications, reputation, and availability. It’s important to ask for references, read reviews, and compare fees before deciding. You can also ask for recommendations from other NDIS participants or disability organisations. Choosing a Plan Manager who understands your needs and goals, communicates in a timely and effective ,and provides high-quality services is crucial.

Transitioning to MFT Disability Insurance Services is easy. Just call us, and let us know if you want to switch. Our friendly Plan Managers will guide you through the rest of the process, making it a hassle-free experience.

To transition from Self Managed to Plan Managed, you should contact the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and request a Plan review. You can then discuss your desire to switch to Plan Management and select a registered Plan Management provider. The NDIA will provide you with a new Plan that includes funding for Plan Management, and you can start working with your new provider to manage your NDIS funds. Ensuring your new provider understands your needs and goals and can provide the required services.
The cost of having an NDIS Plan Manager is fixed by the NDIA. The NDIA sets the price limit for Plan Managementt services, and providers cannot charge more than this limit. Some providers may also charge additional fees for specific services other than Plan Management, so comparing fees and reading the provided Service Agreement carefully is important.