Plan Management

What is Plan Management?
NDIS Plan Management is a service that helps NDIS participants manage their budgets and funding. Plan managers work with participants to create a budget, pay invoices, and keep track of their spending. This can include managing invoices for services and support and purchasing items and equipment. Plan management can provide greater flexibility and control for participants and reduce the administrative burden of managing their NDIS funding. Participants can self-manage plan management, driven by a registered plan management provider or managed by the NDIA.
How the Plan Management Works

MFT Disability Insurance Services provides comprehensive Plan Management services to support NDIS participants in managing their funds. The process of Plan Management offered by MFT Disability Insurance Services involves several steps:

  • Initial consultation: During this consultation, we will gain an understanding of your unique needs, goals, and requirements.
  • Plan implementation: Once your plan has been approved, we will begin implementing the plan. This involves setting up a budget, processing invoices, and paying service providers. Our Plan Managers will claim your funds from the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency)and pay providers within five days of receiving an invoice.
  • Budget tracking and reporting: We will provide regular monthly updates on the Participant's budget status so that we can monitor your spending.
  • Support coordination: We can assist Participants in finding and connecting with service providers that meet their unique needs. If you already have a Support Coordinator, we will work closely with them in efficiently managing your Plan.
  • NDIS portal management: - Our system is directly connected to the NDIA Portal. We can provide you and your Support Coordinator if you have one, with direct digital access to your file in our system, providing you with real-time information.
  • Plan reviews: We will provide support and guidance during Plan reviews, ensuring that any changes to your Pplan are implemented smoothly and efficiently.

We will work closely with you to meet your needs and goals. We will also provide ongoing support and assistance, helping you make informed decisions about your spending and assistance in achievinge  your desired outcomes.

Who is a Plan Manager?

An NDIS Plan Manager acts as a financial mediator, assisting NDIS participants in managing their funding within their NDIS plan. With a fixed monthly fee paid by NDIA rate, these managers take care of the financial aspects of a Participant’s the NDIS plan, using their expertise to act as a personal accountants for to the Pparticipants. They serve as a link between the NDIS Participant, service providers, and the NDIA, using a third party to pay debts and contact Service Providers on behalf of the Participant.

The characteristics of a good NDIS Plan Manager include the following:

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Attention to detail and good organisational skills.
  • Systems which are both user friendly, proactive and provide sound data integrity
  • Knowledge of the NDIS and its Plan Management guidelines
  • Honesty, transparency, and accountability.

A good NDIS Plan Manager can help you better manage your NDIS plan and ensure you receive the support you need.

What is the cost of Plan Management?
As the cost of NDIS Plan Manager varies based on the Participant's support needs, the individual's NDIS Plan and the required support level will determine the cost of Plan Management services. The NDIS covers the cost of Plan Management, which is available to all NDIS Participants. This means that Participants don't have to pay additional costs for Plan Management services. However, some Plan Management providers may charge a fee for their services, which should be reasonable and proportionate to the services provided.
How do I sign up for Plan Management?
It's easy to sign up with MFT Disability Insurance Services. Just visit our Contact Us page and provide your details. Our experienced staff team will promptly contact you to help you with your Plan Management service requirements.
Wanting to Change Plan Managers?
If you already have a Plan and are dissatisfied with your existing Plan Manager, we will be happy to assist you with a transition across to our Plan Management services. To do so, please use our Contact Us page, providing us with your existing Plan details, and one of our experienced team will promptly contact you to assist you with the transfer process.